Blended OTT

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An advanced version of Video Display, this blended media option shows on websites, mobile apps, and streaming TV services such as Sling, Paramount+, and many more. In addition, since people use streaming services on their mobile phones and laptops, local OTT ads show up on all devices! 


  • All the benefits of Video Display
  • Target viewers based on demographics, location, and behavior/interests
  • Buy confidently knowing viewers CANNOT skip the ad
  • Access data on request showing where and when ads were displayed
  • Add in OTT to reach people watching television through an online service like Sling!
  • Maximize reach and frequency while driving traffic to your website (pure OTT won’t allow for clicks to your website)
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Best Practices

  • Keeping the videos short and interesting will help to engage users in a more dynamic way than regular display can.
  • Targeting should be focused on who the users is, their interests and/or behaviors rather than the sites they are visiting.