Programmatic Audio

Customer Journey graphic including awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy.


We take music with us everywhere we go: the gym, the shower, the car, the office, etc. Programmatic audio advertising allows us to take the power of radio and extend that reach to digital with precise audience targeting.

Deliver ads to your ideal customer and not just a channel they might be listening to! With programmatic audio, we can target the exact users you want to reach by age, gender, location, and even musical interests. And, that audience is growing:


  • Interest
  • Search History
  • Accounts Followed
  • Social Media Behavior
  • Shopping and Spending Habits
  • Demographic
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Household
  • Location
  • DMA
  • Zip Code
Programmatic Audio

Where Are Audio Ads Heard?

*The targeted audience is served ads while they are streaming audio content across millions of websites and apps. Programmatic Audio ads can serve to the targeted audience on their mobile phone, tablet and/or computer while they stream.

Source:  *Marketing Charts. 2020