Stay Relevant, Stay Up-to-Date on These 2024 Trends in Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an ever-changing field. There is nothing static about our industry, so as we begin the new year, it’s crucial to take a moment to analyze the projected industry trends for 2024. Being up to date is important, so let’s talk about what we should expect in digital advertising during the upcoming year, here.


Tech-Forward Ad Formats

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in tech-savvy advertisements, like AR and VR ads (augmented and virtual reality advertisements). AR and VR advertisements are newer contributions to our industry. But even with this new advancement, just as we saw last year, CTV ads—which play on streaming services—are still going to perform well in 2024. Video ads are also predicted to dominate our industry.


Short Form Videos

On the topic of video ads, short-form video content has become popular because of apps like TikTok. Just as it was last year, it will be vital to utilize platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels this year.  One new platform that is rising in popularity is YouTube Shorts, which should be taken seriously in the year to come.


AI Content

We all know that AI is here, so it’s certainly going to be used in our industry in 2024. Between AI images, AI-enhanced videos, and even AI-generated design, there are many ways AI is showing up in digital marketing. Our team still believes that it is important to customize all of our content, but even so, AI is a great tool that can be used for inspiration.


Contextual Targeting

With contextual targeting, you can be sure that your advertisements are being seen by consumers who are truly interested in your content. For example, if you’re selling beauty products, it’s unlikely that you’d want to primarily advertise on a blog site that covers fly fishing content. Contextual targeting will be popular this year so that companies can find ‘their people.’


What’s the Takeaway, Here?

If you want to thrive in 2024, you have to be willing to diversify your strategies. These days, there are many different ways to approach digital advertising, and in order to be successful, you need to use all the methods available to you so that you can reach your audiences. At Sparklight Advertising, we cater to our clients in a way that is never one-size-fits-all. We can help you reach your goals and the consumers who care about you. For more information, contact us. 


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