Impression Share: What to Know and Does it Really Matter?

If you have an incredible ad that no one sees, it doesn’t really matter that it’s incredible. For your ads to be successful, they need to make an impression on viewers. When your advertisements make an impression, it means that they’re on view for prospective customers to see wherever you’ve purchased ad space—on Google, for example—for at least a second. Making an impression is important because you want people to see that ads that you create!

Impressions are relatively simple to understand, so let’s talk more about something a little more complicated: impression shares.

What Are Impression Shares?

Google Ads, as many advertisers know, uses an auction format to assign ad space. Essentially, companies determine how much they’re willing to pay for ad space—think a few cents a view. From there, based on other companies’ bids and other factors like how ‘good’ or ‘relevant’ your ad is, you might be awarded the ad space.

So, why is this information about Google Ads relevant?

Knowing about Google Ads is crucial because your impression share is the percentage of impressions your advertisements get based on how often they win, and do not win, the Google Ads auction. That is, if your ad is in the running for ad space 10 times, and they get the ad space 6 times, your impression share is 60%.

How Important Is Your Impression Share?

As you might expect in an industry like advertising, it is not easy to determine a simple answer to this question. Some would argue that your impression share percentage is crucial, and some would argue that it’s a metric that isn’t as relevant as other ones. We believe that it’s always a good idea to keep your eye on your impression share, but, on the other hand, it isn’t a good idea that you spend all your time thinking about it.

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