Benefits of Drone Video & Photography

It’s becoming more and more common…clients see beautiful, sweeping aerial shots of businesses in commercials or videos and want the same for their company.   Before the advent of consumer drones, obtaining aerial footage was a costly and time-consuming process that involved renting an aircraft and pilot for higher altitude imagery or a production crew to use a large jib for lower perspectives. With advances in technology, costs have decreased and the quality of imagery has increased while giving a business the ability to stand out from their competition.

There are several reasons why a business should consider including aerial video or photography in their current marketing content. For starters, it gives the viewer an instant “wow factor.” We are visual creatures and aerial imagery elevates the experience by instantly grabbing the viewer’s attention. Besides arousing a visual emotional response from the viewer, certain businesses are best showcased by adding aerial imagery to their portfolio. For real estate and hospitality, aerial imagery can instantly provide information and stunning views not revealed at ground level. Aerial views are also great for documenting progress on work like construction sites and land development. Drones are used widely for outdoor event coverage, conveying the atmosphere of the attraction as well as helping to highlight the sponsors involved. In the film and TV industry drones are used quite often used to establish the location, and time of day and to capture beautiful scenery with many of these types of shots being used to transition between scenes.

One advancement in this type of imagery is using the drone to get shots that track your subject while the drone is flying. This is a high-quality, high-production-value effect that is relatively easy to capture. Video marketing has taken center stage and has by some reporting increased conversion rates up to 80%. That has huge potential for leveraging your return on investment. Not to mention most potential clients come to expect advertising agencies to have drone capabilities as an industry standard. Once a potential client sees capabilities in technological sense, they have a bit more faith in the product line being offered. Another aspect of utilizing more video for your website marketing is that Google loves videos. In terms of SEO, having a video on your landing page can help your website achieve higher organic rankings if optimized correctly.

Drones are no longer novelty gadgets; they elevate the way marketers are approaching content creation.

Do you think your business is ready to take the next steps in updating your creative content with drone technology? If so, Sparklight Advertising has a drone fleet at the ready to take your business to new heights. Contact us today to learn more.

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