Graphic Design: Is It Important To My Brand?

What is Graphic Design? In short it is visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience. If you were to look around, you would see that graphic design is everywhere: from your morning cereal box to movie posters at your local theatre. To grasp the concept of Graphic Design it is important to understand the elements and principles that make up design. The elements of art help form the design structure and convey the visual message that you want your intended audience to receive. Some of the most important elements of visual acuity are Line, shape, color, typography, texture, size, and space. The principles of design in base terms suggest how a design component are best arranged in a page layout. 


Some things to consider with the principles is the balance, alignment, proximity, repetition, and contrast. Some of the most common graphic design fields are corporate, marketing and advertising, publication, and environmental, packaging, motion, and web design. And even though the tools have changed over time, creating great art comes from an expression of one’s aesthetic. 


Graphic design is a subject in which examples are painted with a wide brush. When working with clients we take a good look at their tastes and what they have been looking at. We ask them what they have been suited to seeing in their own work to help cut out the speculation on what they are trying to articulate and what they want to see. Communication and analysis are key when trying to satisfy our clients. 


Take for example this branding logo creation. This logo was built from ground up, conception to distribution for Moon Light Movie Nights in Prescott, Arizona. The example final branding and initial sketch process of creation started first by sharpening the client’s objectives. Who were they trying to interest with the design? Is it the client, the client’s customers, or the client’s entire industry?  We narrowed the focus to find relevant examples. After determining the appropriate visual culture of the desired outcome, we gathered resources and made several thumbnail sketches until something started to look like it might work.  Quite often our clients will see multiple treatments ready for a presentation and constructive feedback.  Feedback is not direction.  It is an opinion, not gospel.  Good feedback stems from the experience of the person providing the feedback.  Most often we will have a rationale ready to justify the approach and it is not uncommon to have several revisions before a final deliverable product is agreed upon. There is no accounting for taste and is best practice to not be attached to our professional work. Hopefully, the result satisfies the intended purpose. 
Logo Concept

Logo created by Josh Houston, Creative Services Producer in Prescott, Arizona

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