Target Cord Cutters with OTT

Our most important job as advertisers is to help you reach your customers.

In an ever-changing digital world where the options are seemingly endless, how can you target customers who are not watching standard television? “Cord Cutters,” as they are known, opt for streaming services.

Streaming television viewing is a growing trend among all demographic, over traditional television viewing, especially in the midst of the pandemic. Viewers can choose between free, ad-supported content or purchase an ad-free subscription to a variety of streaming services.

According to Nielsen, the amount of time spent streaming video grew significantly over last year’s levels and remained high even when the weather warmed, and lockdown restrictions were lifted. Michael Balderston of TVTechnology, “Americans watched more than 142 billion minutes of streaming video during Q2 2020, more than 60 million more than in Q2 2019.” A big part of that growth was in the number of viewers opting for ad-supported content. Quoting the Nielson report, TVTechnology predicts that “as video streaming continues to secure its foothold with American viewers, ad-supported video couldn’t be better positioned to capitalize.” That’s great news because, according to Karlene Lukovits of MediaPost, the “total U.S. OTT revenue is also expected to nearly double — rising from $35 billion last year to $68 billion by 2025.”

Those projections are impressive. So, what does it mean for you? With more people watching, you have a better chance of reaching, maintaining, and connecting with those most likely to seek your product or service. Get your message out there through over-the-top advertising. We’re here to help! Contact your Sparklight Media Consultant today to see how OTT can grow your business.

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