The Rise of AVOD & Streaming Video


The current streaming landscape has been influenced by the popularity of subscription-based services like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max.  While they are well known, advertising is not allowed to be placed on these types of platforms.  However, there are video services that are made available at no charge that are ad-supported which creates another valuable marketing option for advertisers.


AVOD stands for Ad-Supported Video on Demand.  Viewers can gain access to original or live content for free and typically have access to the video after viewing one or more ads.  Some examples of AVOD outlets include Pluto TV, Tubi and YouTube.  Whether it’s AVOD or subscription based (SVOD) it comes down to content and attracting viewers.  These services can work together to help the viewer find video content they can’t find anywhere else, from titles being recommended to them.  A broader appeal for ad-supported streaming is then created.


OTT stands for “Over the Top” and refers to delivering advertising to a streaming service.  When used with AVOD, it’s become a popular and profitable option for advertisers.  OTT can target the right audience to see an advertiser’s message.  This can be accomplished with features like behavioral targeting, demographic targeting and addressable (household level) geofencing.


As steaming continues to grow in popularity, Ad-Supported Video On Demand advertising flourishes.  AVOD is a strong option for advertisers to consider as the streaming industry searches for new audiences.
If you would like to learn more about AVOD and OTT advertising, please reach out to your Integrated Media Consultant at Sparklight Advertising.  They can help create a plan to help you get started!
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