Website Design: Managed vs. DIY

When deciding on building a new website or updating your current site you have a question to ask yourself. Will be doing the work myself or hiring a professional? With the advent of digital website buildersgoing the DIY route is within the reach of most business owners but hiring a professional has its advantages. 

Putting your brand in front of an audience takes time and money and adding the expertise of a dedicated professional can give you the leap forward that you seek. Having industry knowledge on your side allows for better time management in selling yourself. Not only do you have a support network taking some of the load by doing the backend work such as creating a domain name and registering it online, but you will have a knowledgeable support person that can analyze your website performance and devise a plan. 

DIY is appealing if you are working on a budget. And with the ease of a drag-and-drop theme, the process can be enticing. There are limitations when creating a DIY websiteThe amount of time you want to dedicate can directly relate to the amount of traffic you will receive; or affect the overall look. Once you start adding some of the extras such as Search Engine Optimization, email form, or eCommerce dedication the price will start going up, and the skill set to integrate it will increase as well. Once all is said and done it might have been just as cost-effective to pay a professional. 

Time is money. How much time do you want to spend managing your online presence? Will it be exactly what you want? Will it drive traffic to your site? You want to make the best impression that you can and turn those visitors into customers. 

 What is the best choice for you?  

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