Why Google Ads Are Effective and Best Practices

Google’s dominance over other search engines presents a vast opportunity for businesses that leverage Google Ads to run advertising campaigns. Surveys indicate that nearly two-thirds of customers click on ads when searching for products and services to buy. This sheds light on why Google Ads are a highly effective marketing tool, boasting an impressive return on investment (ROI) of around 200%.

If you’re starting with paid search advertising or want to revamp your strategy, continue reading to learn why Google Ads are effective and some of the best practices to keep in mind when rolling out your campaigns.


What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising program that allows you to create ads to reach your target market. You can use Google Ads to raise brand awareness, advertise your products and services, or drive traffic to your website.

Advertising using Google Ads allows you to explore different formats to reach different audience segments, depending on their content consumption preferences. These include:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Responsive
  • App promotion ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Call-only ads

The variety of Google Ads formats allows you to run different types of campaigns – search, display, video, App, smart, shopping, etc.


Why Google Ads Are Effective

Google Ads are an effective marketing strategy for several reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Quicker results than SEO: Once your ad goes live, it starts directing traffic to your site immediately upon relevant searches. This means you can start seeing the results faster than you would with SEO.
  • Advanced targeting: Google Ads allows you to harness audience intent through advanced targeting. You can target the ads based on keywords, audience demographics, device, time of the day, etc.
  • Performance tracking: Google Ads provides insightful analytics for in-depth analysis of ad campaign performance. From tracking ad clicks and actions taken to analyzing the performance of each campaign, the cost of advertising, down to customers’ shopping habits, Google Ads gives you the right tools to measure your success.
  • High return on investment (ROI): Google Ads yields a potentially high ROI thanks to the insightful data available for campaign optimization. Moreover, the program’s advanced targeting capabilities allow you to harness intent by reaching out to prospects based on their specific interests, boosting chances of a higher conversion rate.
  • Easy to control spending: Google Ads offer great budgeting flexibility. Once you sign up for the program, you can choose how much you want to spend per ad/day/month or pause the campaigns anytime without losing money.
  • Variety of ad formats: The availability of a wide range of ad formats suited for different campaigns makes Google Ads advertising highly effective. Whether you want to run a search, display, shopping, video, or app campaign, there are ideal ad formats to go along with each.
  • Extensive audience: As the dominant search engine, running ads on Google provides you with massive exposure. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce store, paid search advertising enables you to reach out and appeal to your target audience.

Best Practices for Google Ads

A successful paid search campaign requires strategic planning and continuous optimization to yield results. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you set up your campaigns:

  • Set clear campaign goals
  • Avoid broad keyword terms
  • Keep improving your quality score
  • Optimize ad landing pages
  • Create a high-quality ad copy
  • Install conversion tracking
  • Analyze your competition

Harness the Power of Google Ads with the Help of Sparklight Advertising

Google Ads allow you to reach your target audience when they’re engaged and ready to convert. At Sparklight Advertising, we understand the potential of well-curated ad copy in getting a prospect to click and complete their desired action. If you’re considering running a Google Ads campaign, we can guide you. Contact us today; our team is ready to help.


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